Dutch frikandellen

To be able to make “the real thing”, you will need a special “frikandellen-mix”, see “Mix” in the links on the right.

Ingredients for 2 kilogram frikandellen.
This recipe makes about 22 frikandellen.

* 500 gr lean porc
* 500 gr porc meat ( 70/30 )
* 650 gr beef
* 350 gr chicken meat ( not too lean )
* 250 gr unions diced
* 40 gr salt
* 35 gr milk powder
* 4 cloves minced garlic
* 2 table spoons Ketchap ( sweet soy saus )
* 68 gr frikandellen-mix (34 gr per 1000 gr of meat)

Cut the meat in squares and put them in the freezer until half frozen.



Put 500 gram the partly frozen meat in the food processor and “chop” for 20 seconds, repeat this step if you have more meat. Note: if you are using ground pork, you can skip this step, this is only when you start with meat. If you can buy meat on a good price, you should do so, as chopping with the food processor is very easy, and you need to use the food processor anyway later on.

* Mix chopped meat, all ingredients  and frikandellen-mix thoroughly by hand in a bowl.

Add each time 500 gram meat mixture and frikandellen-mix in the food processor, and chop with the food processor for 2 minutes.


When done, let it cool for 2 hours in the fridge.



Making the frikandellen.
A lot is written about how to do this, for me, this is the only easy way….

Take baking paper, and put with 2 spoons the amount for the frikandel from left to right.

Fold the paper towards you over the meat, and squeeze the paper towards the meat, see above. Roll the frikandel towards you, and stick it with 2 tapes, you can keep the sides open, or closed as on the picture.

* After that, boil the frikandellen for 8 minutes in boiling water.
* Take off the paper and cool and dry, and store in fridge or frozen

Eating the frikandellen.

I prefer to prepare the frikandellen in the oven, until they have the good color.
It is much less fat, and you will not taste the difference……just do as you would do in oil, cut the frikandel, and put it in the oven, it will open up as in oil….TRY IT !
But you can prepare them in the oil as well.

Find more information about the frikandellen-mix under ” Mix ” on the right.


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